Work Flow & Process Management

We are a Certified Billing company and are proud of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and levels of customer service. At Certified Healthcare Billing, our goal is to provide physicians with cutting-edge billing, coding and collection services. Allowing us to handle your billing functions will give your office staff the freedom to focus on improving and maximizing productivity, as well as on the quality of services provided to new and existing patients. This, of course, should lead to increased patient satisfaction and retention, more referrals and higher revenues. What most distinguishes us from the competition is our personalized approach. We know that a successful approach to revamping billing services involves careful attention to a host of factors. We seek to understand the distinctive requirements of each client and work closely with physicians and staff members to implement custom solutions. The overriding challenge of the healthcare sector is to reduce costs, improve quality and achieve gains in the overall health population. Under ever tightening demands for efficiency and value, providers want to shift money from administration to direct care. Star Billing Solutions must not only reach and exceed its high standards but deliver bottom line value when competing against cost as a major determinant of keeping and winning new business. Throughout our 5 years in business. Star Billing Solutions has earned a reputation as a high quality revenue cycle management and medical coding company with many very pleased and happy clients. Star Billing Solutions clients include Multi-specialty medical services. Are you ready to experience a different level of collaboration and quality with a partner that knows and understands your needs? If yes, then give us an opportunity to show you why we are a different type of company. Once you try our services, you will experience immediately see difference and reap the benefits our company provide.

WHY HIRE Star Billing Solutions

  • Increase profitability
  • Full secure access
  • USA based billers
  • 100% hands- on end to end RCM services
  • We work on 65 different EHR software’s
  • Improve clean claim rates
  • Reduce Rejections and Denials
  • Recovery of aged receivables
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Our company is accredited


  • US based support
  • Expertise in full medical billing service
  • Accurate electronic claim submissions. We believe in transparency, integrity and a long lasting relationship. We don’t lock you in long-term contracts; we do not lock you out of your data like other firms. We collaborate with you to tailor solutions strengthening your business process and lower costs The goal is to support you with a stable and knowledgeable team who achieves Gold Standard Performance through accuracy and efficiency because they know your processes and patients. Consistent and reliable quality standard is a crucial part of our satisfied client experience. We believe that every dollar counts and we take the initiative of a very hands-on and involved approach in the billing process of every medical organization that we work with.