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Medicine, like healthcare revenue management, is complicated. We realize that your patients are your primary priority. As a result, it is our obligation to ensure that you get paid each time you provide healthcare services to your patients. Our professional staff works with healthcare practitioners to handle their account receivables and maintain your credit free of problems.

We are a partner you can trust:

By partnering with a reputable medical billing firm like us, you can expand your business prospects. When it’s difficult to follow up with individual insurance carriers to collect payments for your services, Star Billing Solutions ensures that your billable medical claims are error-free. So you can get paid right on time without any issues in the billing process.

Why us?
Medical billing best practices are critical to your healthcare facility’s revenue cycle. Hospitals, physician offices, Independent Practice Associations, and a variety of other healthcare providers use Star Billing Solutions outsourced medical billing services. Our medical billing services will result in fewer mistakes, faster collections, and greater cash flow for your clinic.

Our all-inclusive revenue cycle management services will allow you to concentrate on what matters most to your facility: providing outstanding patient care. We provide revenue cycle management solutions for all elements of the revenue cycle, including provider enrollment and credentialing, insurance verification, payment posting, accounts receivables, denial management, and much more.

To ensure accuracy, privacy, and security, we retain detailed records of all your payments. While other RCM firms may use a one-size-fits-all approach, Star Billing Solutions tailors billing services to meet and exceed the demands of each institution. Our billing specialists not only handle your claims, but they also look into the root of the problem to discover and correct any billing problems.

Benefits of our medical billing services:
Here is how medical billing services by Star Billing Solutions will assist you as a provider:

Better cash flows: Any organization’s lifeblood is cash flow, and healthcare providers are no exception. Our professional revenue cycle management services include skilled specialists who can skillfully handle various sorts of medical claims right away.

Fast submission: Providers benefit from speedier claim processing on their behalf. Not only that, but we also start with technologically sophisticated solutions. In summary, we ensure that all information is easily filed and that reimbursements are processed as quickly as possible. Practice without regard to budgetary constraints.

Medical billing solutions: All of your medical billing problems may be addressed by our team of professional medical coding specialists. In a nutshell, it is succinct and to-the-point. You can count on timely filings and aggressive insurance companies and patient management.

Eligibility and benefits: Our workflow method enables us to provide required reports ahead of time. To avoid any potential delays, providers are aware of the status of patients with expired insurance coverage. As a result, physicians are interested in expanding their collections.

Insurance coverage: If our medical billing and coding teams discover any insurance gaps in a patient’s health plan, they will notify us. When a patient’s insurance doesn’t cover a health condition or therapy, for example, we’re the first to let them know.

Denial management: If there are any issues with submissions, such as mistakes or omissions, the Star Billing Solutions staff will notify you as soon as possible. Our openness keeps our suppliers informed about the status of their claims and the reasons for any delays.

Advanced reporting: By outsourcing to us, you do not lose control of your practice. You get comprehensive financial insight anytime, anyplace with online reporting and analytics. Physicians and specialists receive detailed analysis reports tailored to their specific needs in order to assist them in making informed business choices. We also divide each stage of the procedure according to the demands of physicians from various specialties.

Top quality service: Our devoted team is focused on obtaining the greatest possible recovery from payers on contractually obligated sums. We only hire the best medical coding and billing services to meet the requirements of all practices. In the industry, our dedication to compliance and outstanding customer service is unparalleled. We take pride in providing the finest level of service in the business.

Reduced costs: Once you’ve opted to outsource medical billing to us, you’ll see a significant reduction in expenditures. We are able to expedite your revenue cycle because we have the appropriate combination of talent, experience, and resilience. We can provide a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price because of process automation, smart software, and economies of scale. This removes the need to employ specialist billers, educate, and retrain your personnel to manage complicated billing issues that might have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Quick setup: Star Billing Solutions makes transferring an easy, cost-effective, and pleasant procedure, regardless of the size or location of your business. At no extra charge, we handle all system setup, documentation, EDI implementation, process coordination, and training. Our implementation team walks you through setting up and customizing a basic program, including everything from electronic claims to processes, fee schedules, follow-up criteria, and customizable reports. Put your feet up and forget about the intricacies of medical billing.

Empathy and conviction: COVID-19 has given us a lot to consider. It obstructs life’s natural flow. It does not, however, prevent us from providing the finest possible service to our clients. We follow all safety measures on the premises in order to keep coming back with collections after collections.