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Exclusively serving healthcare practices, our medical coding outsourcing company stands as a bastion of accuracy and efficiency. We dedicate ourselves to providing first-rate medical coding and billing information, with an unshakeable commitment to excellence and quality. Our team of proficient medical coders is equipped to handle all of your medical billing requirements, by enabling clinicians to focus on patient care, unburdened by administrative complexity

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Certified Medical Coding Outsourcing Services

At the heart of healthcare operations, we provide reliable medical coding services. As one of the top medical coding outsourcing companies, our expertise is vast. We cater to a variety of healthcare institutions nationwide, from independent practices to large hospitals. Our team comprises professionals certified by both AAPC, with CPC and its variants (CPC-H/CPC-I), and AHIMA, with CCS certification, confirming your coding is in expert hands.

We accurately translate patient care into applicable codes, ensuring you reach your maximized revenue potential. Choose Star Billing Solutions, your trusted partner for hassle free medical billing. Trust in our proven track record to take the complexity out of medical coding.

Avail Help with Medical Coding in 3 Steps

Start with Documentation Review

Begin your process with us, a dedicated medical coding outsourcing partner. We meticulously review your patients' medical records to identify every diagnosis, procedure, and treatment that requires accurate coding. This first step ensures nothing is missed.

Move to Code Assignment

Following the review, our role as your adept medical coding outsourcing company comes to the fore. We carefully assign specific codes for each identified item in the documentation. Accuracy here is key to smooth billing processes.

Conclude with Quality Assurance

Our medical coding services culminate in a thorough quality check. We scrutinize the coded information for precision and completeness, safeguarding against billing errors and ensuring healthcare providers are reimbursed accurately for their services.


Fulfilling Core Three Medical Coding Requirements

ICD Codes

ICD is a system used to capture and communicate nuanced information about illnesses, injuries, or the cause of death. Accurate ICD coding is an area where our high-quality medical coding outsourcing services shine. As one of the leading medical coding outsourcing companies, we handle this task of detailing each patient's condition meticulously and include clinical changes that reflect an extensive range of health issues. Our team stays abreast of updates like the shift to ICD-10.

CPT Codes

When it comes to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes used to describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services, our outsourced medical coding services are second to none. CPT codes are fundamentally grouped into three categories—numeric codes for medical procedures, alphanumeric codes for performance measurements, and codes for emerging medical technology. Our expertise covers these diverse facets of CPT coding, ensuring precision in the coding process.


To reconcile gaps not covered by CPT codes, our medical coding outsourcing steps in with HCPCS codes. HCPCS is especially crucial for medicare and medicaid billings that require detailed recording of medical services, equipment, or procedures. By choosing to utilize our proficient medical coding outsourcing services, you get a team well-versed in these codes. We ensure your services are translated into accurate HCPCS coding. Trust us to ensure that no procedure or service is missed due to coding inefficiency.

Our Key Performance Indicators

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Our Specialities

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  • Let me tell you, running a clinic here in beautiful Alabama has its set of challenges, but medical coding used to top that list—until Star Billing Solutions came along. Honestly, it feels like a heavyweight has been lifted. Their team not only decoded the madness of insurance claims for us but their knowledge, especially around those tricky ICD codes, turned our billing process around. Huge thank you to the team!

    Marianne J
  • Y'all, I thought wrangling cattle was tough till I had to deal with medical billing at my dental practice. Then Star Billing Solutions rode into town, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. They tackled those CPT codes like champs, making sure everything from a simple cleaning to the more intricate surgeries got billed just right. Hats off to this phenomenal team!

    Eric Jones
  • In our line of home care work here in Texas, getting the billing right means we can keep helping those who need it most. That's where Star Billing Solutions has been a game-changer for us, especially with all the HCPCS coding complexities for Medicare and Medicaid. They've got this down to an art. Here's to more success with your team by our side!

    Eric Jones
  • Out here in sunny California, the health care scene is as competitive as it gets. If your backend isn't tight, especially with coding, you're going to feel it. Then Star Billing Solutions stepped in, and wow, what a difference! They've got this coding thing figured out, making sure we're not just another number. Our claim denials are down, and spirits are high. Cheers to the Star team!

    Ryan C