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Why does patient care matter?

The finest patient care extends beyond registering new patients, administering therapy, and collecting money. The patient experience is influenced by every encounter a patient has with a hospital. The provider must be prepared to deliver exceptional customer service from the time a potential patient picks up the phone and calls them to schedule an appointment. As with any company, the first few contacts shape the patient’s opinion of the provider and determine whether or not they become a customer. Even after a person has officially become a patient and received treatment, ensuring that their requirements are met and delivering good service is critical in determining whether they will stay a loyal, contented, and paying patient or whether they will seek care elsewhere.

Experience is the Strategy

Improved employee experience and patient involvement leads to better results, which leads to improved financial success. Everyone in healthcare is focused on improving the patient experience, which necessitates rethinking processes and utilizing technology to increase efficiency and improve relationships.
According to the results of a recent PwC online consumer study, the most essential attribute consumers seek for in a healthcare provider is ease. The two most crucial services are getting an appointment swiftly and in a comfortable location. Additionally, consumers told us that, as patients, they want:

  1. The ability to readily book an appointment in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. access to a variety of treatment choices that are both inexpensive and effective.
  3. Before starting therapy, get an estimate of how much it will cost.
  4. Prior to starting treatment, access to a variety of payment plans/financing alternatives.
  5. The opportunity to see all of their medical records in one spot online.

Everything that you need to know about our patient experience services

Rising healthcare expenses, alternative payment structures, expansion through consolidation, consumerism, and the need for a better patient experience are all issues that can stymie financial performance.
Star Billing Solutions can help you overcome these obstacles with a turnkey, end-to-end revenue cycle management system that is powered by intelligent automation and tried-and-true techniques across all care settings. Our Practice Management system effectively links front and back end activities, eliminating communication barriers and simplifying data flow to coordinate operations.
Star Billing Solutions offers technology-driven solutions that improve the patient experience as well as the financial performance of healthcare organizations. This allows you to create the revenue cycle you’ve always wanted – one that increases patient satisfaction while improving financial success.

Our goal is to be the only trusted revenue management partner, allowing physicians and patients to focus on what matters most

We provide a full revenue cycle management system that includes everything from patient insurance eligibility through claim processing and denials management to financial reporting.

Our features

Patient scheduling

On a single clutter-free interface, schedule and manage appointments and resources across multiple providers, locations, and days. Recurring appointments, direct eligibility checks, and administrative notifications improve efficiency and service quality. Optimize your appointment density with our scheduling tool and connect to patients with automated reminders.


Are you concerned that sensitive patient health information will fall into the wrong hands? You may safely send and receive messages to other users, practices, and patients using our messaging module.

Patient communication

It’s never been more vital to stay in touch with your patients and provide them important information. Send vital information to patients easily before they come into your business. Before their visit, make sure everyone is up to date on what’s going on at your clinic. Our patient experience services include scheduling, answering and managing all patient calls so you can focus more on your patients.


Intelligent billing helps eliminate mistakes and optimize income by providing new capabilities such as automatic charge collection, clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, rejection management, and financial reporting.

Denial Management

The system detects and monitors denials as well as the reasons behind them, allowing you to not only address them quickly but also avoid them in the future.

Point of sale

Integrated credit card processing allows physicians to electronically accept payment from self-pay patients.

Document Management

For full, accurate, and up-to-date information, capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical pictures, photos, x-rays, audio files, and medical drawings straight into the electronic chart.


The scheduler clearly shows if a patient’s copay has been collected or not. The check-in page shows the most recent patient balances, making it easier for practices to collect at check-in or check-out. Patients should get automated email or text reminders to clear their patient balance.


Your team will have their hands busy with everything from updating patient records to informing patients about planned changes in their insurance plans. Our eligibility verification tool will decrease their effort in half, as well as your phone bill.
No need to call insurance companies to check patient eligibility since our system handles it for you in seconds, even before the patient arrives.
Our experience in medical coding, medical billing, and consulting services at RABS helps our customers generate more money by allowing physicians to spend more of their important time establishing connections with their patients, resulting in better patient care. Our business strategy is founded on the idea that hospitals and medical practices need a partner that can help them manage their administrative tasks so they can focus on providing outstanding patient care.