TeleHealth: Is Technology Affecting the Healthcare Industry?

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The observation of internet transformation shows us how technology is actively revolutionizing every Industry, including the Healthcare system. Every human behavior is probably changed, whether to stay connected to family and friends, purchase products/services, or even search and learn about healthcare problems.

How is Digital Services helping Patients? Telehealth technology is actively improving the healthcare system with tools and services such as; remote patient monitoring (RPM), live chat, and interactive online portals. The TeleHealth system is gradually becoming more efficient for everyone, from patients and care providers to administrators and insurance companies.
Let us dig into the benefits of TeleHealth tools to see how they can help your health care manage all the services efficiently.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth can be defined as the best use of Digital Information and Communication Technologies. We see how computers and mobile devices give easy access to services/products and information while saving time, energy, and money. The TeleHealth system only utilizes these technologies to access health care services remotely and manage your Medical care.
Telehealth was first introduced in the late 1960s and continues to evolve. Today, the latest telehealth platforms as comparison are more robust and easier to use.

This technology under a survey is observed to increase patients’ access to valuable healthcare information while decreasing the costs up to 11% and tripling ROI for investors, easing the burden on healthcare providers and employers.
Moreover, over 90% of Healthcare professionals are currently in favor of implementing the TeleHealth system as it brings beneficial changes on the horizon of the Healthcare industry.

Ways TeleHealth Can Patients

In this section, with an example of a patient with diabetes, we highlight different ways TeleHealth can help.
• Patients can easily manage their food logs, medication records, dosing, blood, and sugar level daily, which can also be accessed by an in-charge nurse who can also respond electronically.
• You can make an estimation based on your exercise and diet of how much insulin you need.
• Easy access to ordering medical supplies while staying in comfort.
• Scheduling appointments, checking test results, requesting prescriptions, or directly contacting your doctor for a query.
• Get email, text, or phone reminders when you need a flu shot, foot exam, or other preventive care.

Goals of TeleHealth

Star Billing Solutions aim with their TeleHealth technology is to improve the quality of the healthcare system and make it easily accessible for patients.
Our goal with TeleHealth is to provide the best way to cater healthcare needs of people who live in rural and isolated areas with no Medical care nearby. And to provide convenience to people with limited time, mobility, or transportation options. Moreover, we want to give all healthcare centers opportunities to work efficiently, with better coordination from anywhere at any time.
However, the research on TeleHealth is relatively new but has shown rapid growth. The studies have shown to reduce Death risk through heart failure with TeleHealth over the years. No Healthcare center overlooks the fact that Telehealth is the future of quality life.