ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) Billing Services

Ambulatory surgery centres (ASCs) offer a wide range of treatments and frequently have a large number of practitioners. However, they have a much smaller medical billing team to handle any queries or problems that may come up. The stress brought on by attempting to keep up with the intricate coding rules while operating a profitable surgery centre is reduced when medical billing is outsourced to Star Billing Solutions. We work hard to outperform other ASC billing businesses and increase your payer payments.

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Aggressive Management of Medical Billing Challenges for ASCs

Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation

Although payments from insurance networks and public payers are rigid, ASC revenue can be significantly increased by securing favourable out-of-network provider rates. The process of obtaining the best prices is difficult, and payers have tenacious negotiators working for them. To guarantee that the greatest possible reimbursements are received for our ASC billing services, Star Billing Solutions has a trained negotiations team that is familiar with the procedure from start to finish.

Patient Scheduling

Patient scheduling is the first step in the medical revenue cycle, and success in obtaining payments depends on completing this phase correctly. Our team of skilled ASC billing specialists will make sure that all necessary information is gathered during the intake and scheduling process and that it is accurately documented.

Benefits Verification

There are restrictions on what can be reimbursed for ambulatory surgical centre billing, even if doctors in an ASC may conduct the identical treatments at a hospital. Benefits verification is particularly crucial in that situation because the ASC will not be compensated if any treatment or operation is provided that is not on the approved list. The team of qualified experts at Star Billing Solutions ensures that suggested activities are covered by the patient's benefits, making the services offered reimbursable.

Unique Coding Requirements

Even while all healthcare facilities utilise the same ambulatory surgery centre billing codes established by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), surgical procedures usually call for specific modifiers. The entire claim will be rejected if a modifier is omitted or used inappropriately. Each claim is "scrubbed" by an experienced medical biller as part of Star Billing Solutions's normal operating procedure to make sure the coding information is accurate before the claim is filed.

What Makes Star Billing Solutions So Successful as an ASC Billing Company?

In order to reduce the time it takes for reimbursement, expand income sources, and boost profitability, Star Billing Solutions offers full EHR/EMR and physician billing services in addition to best-practice process management.

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  • We've been using their medical billing services for over a year now, and we're incredibly impressed by their efficiency. Our revenue cycle has seen a significant improvement, and the accuracy of their coding and billing is unparalleled. Their team is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly responsive. Highly recommended!

  • Partnering with this medical billing service has been a game-changer for our practice. They've taken the complexity out of billing and made the entire process streamlined and hassle-free. Our cash flow has improved, and we're now able to focus more on patient care. Thank you for your exceptional service!

  • When it comes to medical billing, trust is paramount. That's why we're grateful to have found this exceptional billing service. Their team's expertise is evident in every claim they process. They navigate the ever-changing billing landscape with finesse, ensuring our practice remains compliant and financially sound. A reliable partner indeed!

    Paul Smith
  • We've tried various billing services in the past, but none have matched the level of professionalism and results we've experienced here. Our revenue has been maximized, and the stress associated with billing has been minimized. It's like having a dedicated billing department without the overhead. Couldn't be happier!

    Eric Jones

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